Add staff account

Step 1: At first log in to your store's Admin panel.

Screenshot of Step 1 is given below:

Step 2: After login to your admin panel go to "Settings" link in bottom left corner.

Screenshot of Step 2 is given below:

Step 3: Now click on to "Account" link.

Screenshot of Step 3 is given below:

Step 4: Here you will see "Staff accounts" under the "Accounts and permissions" section after scroll down a bit. Then click on a "Add staff account" button.

Screenshot of Step 4 is given below:

Step 5: After click on "Add staff account" button you need to insert "First name", "Last name" and "Email". Here you must insert this email in "Email" field then click on to "Send invite" button.

Screenshot of Step 5 is given below:

Thats it :)