August 18, 2011

iPad Application Development

About iPad

The iPad is designed, developed and marketed by Apple Inc which is known as a tablet PC. The iPad is a highly innovative device that allows for browsing the internet, sending and reading emails, music and video playback, photo storage and viewing, map-based navigation, eBook reading, chatting, news, movies, gaming and much more. iPad is not only a fun device; it is a great business tool also. It has an office suite like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. iPad is works on same operating system as iPhone which is known as iPhone OS. Many application software is available for iPad. An iPad has much feature and functionality like iPhone.

iPad Application Development

Solver Circle has a lot of experience in developing successful applications for iPhone and iPad. Solver Circle now developing iPad compatible website, porting existing web application to iPad. Solver Circle iPad application developer has complete knowledge of Apple SDK 3.2 Beta. Solver Circle’s skilled iPad application developers deliver the project with high performance, user-friendly application at reasonable price.

Solver Circle’s mobile application developers already work in many application services like potholes, noise complaints, dangerous conditions, etc. This service requests to submitted directly to the local administration and responded to quickly and efficiently, and you’ll be notified the instant they are resolved.

Solver Circle has one of the most talented and highly experienced team of iPad developing. So if you are looking for the complete iPad SDK and iPad software development service Solver Circle will the best firm to work with.

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